Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another dog finds a new home

When the girls were here, they went walking with me and the dogs in the evenings.  One evening, Bron was with me and we came across a little part Doberman puppy.  It was maybe two or three months old and either abandoned by its mother or its owner.  At any rate it was lonesome and very hungry and it "followed us home" with encouragement from Bron.  Bobik and Volk seemed to accept him but I knew better than to put him in with them when we got home.

The pup ate a good helping of cat food and drank some milk before we announced to Tanya that we had three dogs again.  But I had a plan.  Our neighbours, Lucia and Zhenia's dog is very old and has trouble moving around much any more.  They need a young dog.  Also Maxim was there visiting his Babushka AND Zhenia was away at a health spa on the Black Sea.  (Insert evil chuckle here).

Picture courtesy Ky
I bought 15 kg of good quality puppy food and a collar and leash as a thank you for taking the pup.  Zhenia is now home and to the best of my knowledge the pup is still there and doing well.


  1. The BF's newest job; running competition to the SPCA.

    But I suppose they don't have an SPCA in the Ukraine.

    Well done, again.

  2. I feel sorry for Lucia's old dog. Don't think for a moment that he doesn't realize he's now "face to face" with his replacement......What if Tanya suddenly brings home a younger you, complete with his own special food and tie? Yeah. Just what I thought.

    I answered your comment at my place. See ya there!

  3. RB, they don't spay and neuter either.
    Dana, I suspect you're right about Lucia's dog recognizing its replacement but more likely just a companion after so many years of solitary on the end of a chain.

    And I've been telling Tanya for a long time she needs a younger man. Too.

  4. From what I saw, the new dog was in love with the old dog, and the old dog liked having him around.

    Dad, you know you're going to have to keep giving us updates on this pup.

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