Saturday, July 17, 2010


Last night when we started on our dog walk, Lucia's old dog and the young dog, now named Ronald, came running to their gate to greet us.  It is obvious that the old dog loves the pup and they get along famously.  Dogs are gregarious critters and need company - so long as they can figure out who is top dog and in this case yet, there is no problem.

Lucia says the pup follows her everywhere.  Tonight he came over to see Masha so I grabbed my camera.  You can see how tall he is getting; all legs.  Like Masha.

The cucs are done and tomatoes coming on fast, large and small varieties.  Tonight for supper we had a real corn feed; the good kind, with butter dripping off chins and elbows and salt enough to put blood pressure over the moon.  Monday the corn starts coming off for the freezer. 
The hollyhocks are done.  Another new lily bloomed yesterday and Tanya's "100" gladiolas are beginning to bloom.

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  1. Look at how big he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him!!!!!!!! He's so cute!!!!!!!!


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