Sunday, July 11, 2010

Masha the Dog Walker

Maybe I can get Tanya to take some pictures tomorrow.  My hands have been full of dog leash the last couple of days.  Masha has helped me walk the two dogs on their leashes. She takes Volk and I take Bobik who is a bit hard to handle at the beginning of the walk.

Yesterday we let them off the leashes once we got well clear of yards and gardens.  I had a bag full of sliced up wieners to entice them back when it was time to put the leashes on for the walk home.  Bobik can be bought, came on call and stood to be snapped into his leash.  Volk would have none of it. So Masha walked Bobik home and Volk came home an  hour later.

Today we left them on the leash for the whole walk and Masha did just fine with Volk.  She chased him out of the brush and unwrapped him from around posts and towed him out of the ditch when he wanted to detour.  Maxim and Ivan came with us and the three kids ran while I walked.  Two years ago, Masha was 5 and couldn't keep up.  Now I can't keep up.

Bobik was quite happy to have Volk go ahead.  Volk would mark territory and then Bobik would come along and mark over top of it.

We took them down to the river to swim after the walk and the dogs sure enjoyed the cool off. The water is nice and deep after the rains, actually overflowing the bridge a bit.

Ky teaches the dogs to sit
When the girls were here, Ky decided to teach the dogs to sit.  They learned quickly, though Volk would sit, then immediately flop over to get his tummy rubbed.  When I go to put their leashes on now, I say "Sit" and it is Volk who sits patiently while I snap on the leash.  Bobik is too wound up to sit.  He needs more lessons I guess, Ky.


  1. Dogs will be dogs, BF.

    I wonder if Masha would like to walk Sadie. I finally got Sadie's "measurements" correct: 36 inches, nose to rump; 22 inches at the shoulders; 51 pounds. (Probably a bit small for Masha; or perhaps Masha is a bit small for Sadie — you sort it out.)

    Maybe I could borrow Ky to help me finish Miss Sadie's manners training.

  2. Sadie is bigger than Masha. And if she is a real handfull, you need May-B, the no-nonsense disciplinarian!

  3. I'll have to train Bobik more next time I'm out.


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