Friday, July 16, 2010

Palaces and Castles

Two of the main attractions in Yalta are the palace of Count Vorontsov, one of many homes he owned and the Livadia Palace, summer home of Tsar Nicholas II and site of the Yalta Conference between the "Big Three" allies in February 1945.

Front Entry, Vorontsovski Palace
May-B posted another picture of the palace here.

The Livadia (or White) Palace
Then there is the Swallow's Nest.  Publicity pictures make it look like some fairy tale castle on some lonely rocky promontory.  Truth is it is a pretty popular restaurant surrounded on the land side by the usual touristy type development and with a private home behind it, out of view that dwarfs the castle.  The restaurant can be reached by land - if you like lots of stairs or by water - if you like lots of stairs.
The Swallow's Nest Restaurant

The bait

The truth

Wouldn't you like this summer home?
You could blast a boat house in the base of the cliff and
a hidden staircase inside the rock to the house
 Note: If you Google Vorontsovski Palace, Alupta and the Livadia Palace, there are some awesome pictures which will have to do you until you come and take your own.

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