Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why The Rich Should Be Taxed At Lower Rates Than The Middle Class

It's not exactly an explanation of the position. But it does make some sense to the very wealthy. From El Pais:
Translation: "we avoid paying taxes because we don't want to flaunt our wealth."  
 Stolen from The New Republic


  1. I have a link to your blog on my post today and I must say: I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER!!!!

  2. Thanks for the link and you can thank May-B for the new look. She was trying to keep awake on her last of four night shifts

  3. I love the new design too - very fresh and clean and cheerful. I need May-B to be tired enough to do mine, next!

  4. Oh, the taxing life of the "poor" rich! What a pity!

    P.S.: Are you sure that cartoon isn't about Conrad Black?

  5. Can't be, RB. The woman doesn't look like Barbara.

    Leona Helmsley said it best "Only the little people pay taxes". While the rich are firmly attached to the government teat for all it is worth.


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