Thursday, July 14, 2011

A few observations on life in general

The other day I wore a faded red T-shirt and ragged black cutoffs to the grocery store.  I looked like an old upside down barn.

In this hot weather the dogs' big water tub grows algae even with fresh water every day or two.  Yesterday I scrubbed out much of the algae growing on the sides and then scrubbed it again with a bottle of bleach to kill what was left.  I rinsed the tub several times and filled it.  Both dogs came, sniffed the dish and then peed in it.  Rinsed it several more times and they finally condescended to drink from it.

Never try to learn a new computer (Dell Inspiron N5110 i7), new operating system (XP to 7) and new software (office 2003 to 2010) all at the same time when you have deadlines crashing around you.  I finally scrubbed 2010 for now and reinstalled my old 2003.  I will likely keep Outlook 2003 as Outlook 2010 does nothing that I need and many things I do NOT need or want.

I survived the 24 hour round trip to Kyiv.  It gave me time to think about public transportation.  The critical factor is you need LOTS of public to make it worthwhile.  Ukraine has 45 million people living in an area the size of Saskatchewan.  Saskatchewan has 1 million people mostly living in the lower half of the province.  If we had 25 million people living where we now have 1 million, there might be a hope for more public transportation.  There are other issues, like standards, expectations and costs that play a serious part but mostly you need people. 

Tanya bought my ticket to Kyiv for July 20 today.  Night train, open sleeping car, bottom bunk but the short one under the window was all that was left.  The trains and buses are packed with people on holidays.

We are now eating tomatoes from our garden.  And carrots and tomorrow beans will be ready, Tanya says.  The gladiolas are all bursting into bloom (I love that phrase, as you may have noticed).  Pictures when I get time.


  1. Lots of things happening in your life.
    An upside-down barn, you say. Well, yes, I suppose.
    To err is human; to really foul things up, you need a computer.
    And thanks for the travelogue.
    And 25 million people, or more, south of Prince Albert? Where would we put them all?

  2. I am on my way for fresh tomatoes - do I have to bring Bacon from Canada?

  3. THAT'S refreshing! Hearing about your real life for a change. I guess we're in the same mind crunch. I loved what I HAD and got along fine with it: VISTA, WORD 97, etc.

    Now it's windows 7, WORD 2010 and things I just don't have the lifetime left to learn.

  4. I hope people over there wear hats. Maybe I've grown into an old fuddy duddee, but I things hats are a good thing when the weather is up in the triple digits. No women wear hats here except for me. Kind of off the subject of your post there, but it got me to thinking how different cultures value different things.

  5. Snowbrush, thanks.

    RB, put 'em in cities, towns and villages. Europeans have no concept of distance. Canadians have no concept of population.
    Ross, no, we have found very good bacon here. Eaten raw on bread it is mild "salo" and when fried, tastes like home.

    Beau's Mom, Windows 7 is better than VISTA but I can't even remember Office 97, though I did use it. Have fun.

    Linda, the women here do wear hats, many of them. Summer and winter. And skirts. At least half of all females are in skirts or dresses, including kids. I don't see many guys in caps in summer, but leather or fur hats in winter. And if you see a baseball cap it is likely a tourist.

  6. Are your tomatoes heirlooms or hybrids. Our tomatoes, here in the mountains of Maine' don't come in until August (short growing season.) The hybrids are perfect in color and shape, but only the heirlooms actually taste like a tomato.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  7. Your account of what the dogs did with their dishes reminded me of a you told us. Of you eating smoked oysters, putting the empty plate down by your chair and the dog coming by and taking a sniff and then rolling in it!

  8. O'B, I have no idea about tomatoes. Tanya buys some started and buys seed to start her own too.
    Barb, Dezi made herself real popular that day as the family pretty much detests smoked oysters other than me and maybe Number ONE Son.


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