Saturday, July 9, 2011

Go ahead and guess

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to which large nameless organization is responsible for this gem contained in a 97 page document?  They kill entire forests every year to produce such documents.  Or did, until the advent of digital storage and distribution.

In a similar manner, the CAADP framework and the sector investment program, METASIP, call for multi-MDA coordination and private sector involvement to ensure delivery. The METASIP governance structure provides a management, research (SAKSS), and dialogue mechanism compatible with the continental CAADP framework. The CAADP Country Team’s Steering Committee in ______ is named the METASIP Steering Committee, representing an expanded group of CAADP Compact signatories as sector stakeholders, and will oversee and manage the METASIP implementation process. The establishment of the CAADP governance structure is a prior action and has been met. The METASIP Steering Committee was inaugurated during the quarterly Agricultural Sector Working Group meeting held on 16 February 2011 in ____. Support through the NEPAD CAADP structure is forthcoming in the form of assistance to SAKSS (through IFPRI) and an agriculture sector PER exercise.


  1. You can include me as a member of NAC*
    It's getting to the point where we're loosing track of agencies and government bodies, not to mention private 'cause' organizations.
    In my profession I'll bet nobody knows whether something is an organization or piece of legislation.

    *Not A Clue

  2. Unless there's a prize for the right answer, I'll pass. It looks like too many things I've read. It's probably government. Enuf said.

  3. For those of you fortunate enough NOT to immediately recognize the style - it is from a World Bank document. IFIs (International Funding Institutions eg World Bank) and ODAs (Official Development Agencies eg CIDA, USAID) tend to write using HUGE numbers of acronyms. Keeps the riffraff out.


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