Saturday, July 2, 2011

Flowers After the Rain

Tanya's flowers enjoyed our rainy week and have responded rather well.  Tanya is quit proud of them and is taking pictures every day of new blossoms. The lilies just don't quit, with new ones opening every day.  They are  a surprise to her when they bloom as most of them are ones she acquired last fall or this spring.  The front flower bed is a mass of colour as everything is filling in.  The vegetable garden was so soft after all the rain, Tanya was afraid she would sink to her knees in the mud.  so she "used my slippers as snowshoes".

Front flower garden

Raindrops on roses

Portulaca blooms

Red and orange lilies still blooming

Huge yellow lilies

Newest addition to the lily patch

Beautiful pale peach lilies

These are at least 25 cm (10 inches) across

Zhabba's Hut
Tanya was less than thrilled to find a large toad (zhabba) had taken up residence in her rubber garden shoes.

The gladiolas will be next.  She planted over 100 last year.  Not sure how many this year.


  1. Wow. The flowers are beautiful.

  2. Now that is a Garden. Complete with toad!

  3. Gorgeous! She's done it again.

  4. Beautiful! I especially love the lilies!

  5. Are you in extended daylight? When my wife and I lived in Alaska we marvled at how plants thrived in the 24 hour sunlight.

    Love your garden shots
    the Ol'Buzzard

  6. We are on about the same parallel as Minot (48.20 vs 48.13).
    When I worked in the arctic (Inuvik) in the early 70's, the gardens amazed me, especially the leafy vegetables. Too cold for root veggies. Nothing beats 24 hour sunlight and hot July days.

  7. I love flowers and I love vegetable gardens. There is something almost therapeutic involved in creating and maintaining both.

    Tanya has done well!

  8. Let me join the chorus: beautiful flowers and a fine job of photographing them. As for the little guy, hey, toads need a place to hang out, too. Now, if it was a scorpion, that would be a problem. :)

  9. Am I the only one that was SERIOUSLY disappointed not to see a picture of Kuchma a la "Whiskers on Kittens"?

  10. Tanya did have a picture of her flowers with 3/4 of Kuchma in it but no whiskers on that end, so I didn't use it. And you were the only one who noticed or admitted to noticing.

  11. Now that's what i call a riot of colour. Beautiful, great job Tanya!

  12. So beautiful! I think the pale peach lilies are my favourites.

  13. Your garden is amazing. roses, Lilies, portulacas .. like heaven.

    1. Thank you. My wife is a wonderful gardener. It is her true love.


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