Monday, July 18, 2011

Organization? What organization?

Got my airline ticket to Kazakhstan today, much to our relief.  Tanya insisted we phone the event organizing agency so we did.  Thank you, skype.  The had been purchased but why didn't I have it?  They would check and call back.  Three hours later we called back.  Still checking.  An hour later the ticket arrived attached to an email.  Bought on July 14. 

The email with the ticket attached also informed me they were changing my presentation topic again, back to the one I had done first and sent them two weeks ago.  The Kazakhstan Ministry of Agriculture is the organizer and paying the bills so they call the tune, I guess.  The research and preparation time on the second topic wasn't wasted as it brought me up to speed on another aspect of the Canadian cattle industry.  (Ken, when you read this, I still need your comments).

As I was saying about organizing a drunken party at a brewery...


  1. Organization is an oxymoron unto itself.

    And...since I changed my gmail address, now JOE is getting threats from the ex!

    She can sure take the shine out of a sunny day.

    If you ever see something "odd" written on my blog, you'll know I'm gone again and my blog re-taken.

  2. I'm with Beau's Mom. Just because it's an organization doesn't mean it's organized.

  3. I'm just catching up myself...not enough time in the day it seems. I have never been able to make biscuits! well...have a good trip if I don't get back befoe then..Just you live there because of your job or did you get the job after?...

  4. BM, save the emails and get a cease and desist order.

    afcg, I married the only woman in Ukraine who didn't want to move to Canada. At least I knew she loved me for my blue eyes, not my blue passport. And my meager pension goes a LOT farther here than in Canada.

    Consulting is now a source of extra cash rather than all cash. There are advantages to that.

  5. Have a good trip. I look forward to your travel log.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  6. There may not be a travelogue as last time I was in Kazakhstan, I could not access any blogs of Facebook and every website I could access was horribly slow to load even on company highspeed.

    I will try to buy a sim card for my mobile phone and if need be a wireless modem to connect to internet but if it is like Russia, you cannot buy a sim card or a mobile phone without registering someplace with your passport and even then foreigners are not allowed to buy a sim card...

  7. Hope all goes well with your trip and the conference, in spite of the organizing or lack thereof.


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