Sunday, July 17, 2011

sunday Biscuit Brunch

Sunday morning Victor delivers three liter jar of fresh farm milk.  The left over milk from last Sunday is pretty sour but perfect for baking-powder biscuits so I usually throw a couple pans in the oven for brunch. That is when I miss Roger's Golden Syrup (sugar cane syrup).

Today's biscuits were pretty good so I took some to Lena and Roman. Lena's eyes lit up when she saw them.  Once their kitchen is renovated and she gets an oven, she wants to learn how to make them.  Tanya's Babushka used to make them when Tanya was young and she would eat them with fresh cream.

Since we have fresh green beans from our garden, Tanya stir fried green beans and onions (also from our garden) and then threw in a couple of eggs and scrambled the works.  It is good and can be doctored up any way you like.  If we have mushrooms they go into the pan.  I suppose if we had rice we could make bean friend rice (I don't care if it has BEEN fried rice, what is it NOW?... but I digress).

The revised presentation is finished and emailed to all and sundry.  Including a friend of mine in Canada who will read it for accuracy.  I called Ken to warn him.  He was on his way back from the North American Livestock Auctioneer Championships in Calgary where he finished a respectable "in the top two-thirds". I understood that perfectly and congratulated him for taking a run at it.  Next year...

Tanya sorted through all my clothes today and we decided what I needed or don't need to take.  My suitcase is semi-packed packed and I still don't have my air ticket.  Good thing they aren't organizing a drunken brawl at a brewery or we'd be in real trouble.

Now I can get caught up on all the other stuff that has been left undone.  Like read a few blogs from other people.  If I haven't left a comment lately on your blog, Don't worry (or worry, whichever) I will catch up eventually.


  1. Cute cartoon. sad but true.
    Fresh beans and biscuits sound so good!

  2. Great cooking. BF.
    As for the cartoon, well, um . . . yes.

  3. Haven't had much luck making biscuits. I use the ones in the tubes, find the store brands work better than Pillsbury. Have been working on making country gravy for biscuits and gravy. First attempts tasted like flour, but am getting better.

    Started a sourdough starter the other day, will see how it turns out in a week.

  4. god I love biscuits and gravy. Having been raised in the south I was use to fried foods as a staple. My grandmother, who raised me, kept a container of bacon grease on the back of the stove. We fried fish, meat and even most of our vegatables - she would make bacon, eggs, biscuits and grits for breakfast and that night she would fry the left over grits.
    My New England wife discourages me eating fried food - she is right, of course; but I do miss the taste.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. Well, thanks for telling us how good your biscuits are and then not putting the recipe on your blog. You're a "biscuit tease".

    I've been frying green beans all my life. Restaurants that offer green beans on their menu then give you "warmed" canned beans should be shot.

    I fry them in hot oil until they're dead (ie: darkened almost black and half their original size) with onions and salt.

    Never tried eggs in them.

  6. I would love to learn how to make sourdough. I know that some of the "starters" have been passed from generation to generation.

    Ukrainians fry everything too. We go through a liter of sunflower oil every week or so. I love it. When Tanya stir fries veggies they still have their original colour and are crispy fresh tasting. Agree about canned green beans.

    Biscuits and gravy. Can't say I had the pleasure . All my life it was biscuits and golden syrup (cane syrup). Gravy was strictly a for veggies (potatoes, turnips, etc) thing or at Christmas for on the turkey dressing.


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