Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Contract, anyone?

I have been negotiating with a government agency of a country which shall remain nameless but is not Ukraine or Russia, for a small contract to deliver a presentation at a series of seminars in November.  They are, or claim to be, in charge of implementing the government program to expand the beef cattle industry.  I will not go into detail but it took two months of fruitless emails culminating in intervention of the Canadian Embassy and a conference call on Skype to learn what the topic was on which I was to speak.  

I intended to work through a consulting company of which I am an associate, simply to get the company name front and centre with hopes there might be more work.  We did get a contract, which the president of the consulting company duly signed and returned.  Yesterday we learned (as did the government agency apparently) that in order for them to sign ANY contract with ANY legal entity, they required the documents listed below (this is copied directly from their letter).  I don't think so.  

I am not familiar with protocols of signing multi-million dollar tendered projects or anything  like that but for less than $10,000 it does seem like overkill. It won't happen.  So now it is a personal contract between me and them which only requires FIVE documents.

The list of documents a legal entity is to provide:
  • Notarially certified copy of the Charter, which is formed according to the law. Non-residents of _____ should provide notarially certified extract from trade registrar with translation into state language and/or Russian.
  • Notarially certified copy of certificate about state registration (re-registration) of legal entity.  If legal entity acts upon Standard Charter, established according to law, he should provide notarially certified copy of application for state registration.
  • Notarially certified extract from constituent documents (in case, if Charter does not include information about founders or group of founders), which includes information about founders or group of founders, or notarially certified extract from registrar of shareholders, issued no later than a month ago, preceding the date of opening of envelopes. The next documents to prove solvency of legal entity:
  • Original of certificate from the Bank or branch of the Bank, in which potential supplier has a bank account, that certificates an absence of delayed debt for all obligations of potential supplier, which lasts more than three months,  preceding the issue date of certificate, before bank or branch of the Bank in accordance with Standard accounting plan in commercial banks and mortgage companies, established by the decree of Board of National Bank of the Republic of ______, in accordance with Annex 7 to this current tender documentation (if potential supplier is a customer of several banks of commercial bank or branches as well as of foreign bank, given certificate is presented from each bank) with signature of the first manager of Bank (branches of banks) or his deputy with seal of Bank. Certificate should be received no later than a month, preceding the date of opening of envelopes with applications to participate in the tender.
  • Original or notarially certified copy of financial report for the last financial year, signed by the first Manager or person, who replaces the Manager;
  • Original of certificate of established form of corresponding tax agency on absence of tax debt and debt on mandatory pension contributions and social deductions to saving pension funds, no less than for three months (except for the cases, when payment date is delayed in accordance with legislation of Republic of ________), received no later than one month, preceding the date of opening of envelopes with tender statements, signed by the Head or deputy of tax agency; 
  • A copy of the certificate of registration for VAT (value added tax), in the presence;
  • Technical specification in accordance with Annex 2 to this tender documentation;
  • Document, which proves introduction  by potential supplier of application to participate in the tender, established by current tender documentation  or bank guarantee in accordance with Annex 6 of current tender documentation;
  • Commercial offer of potential supplier in accordance with Annex 8 of current tender documentation (excluding the cost on accommodation, meal, travel in ________);
  • Letter of attorney to the person, who presents potential supplier to sign application to participate in the tender and participate in the meetings of tender commission, with exception of the first Manager of potential supplier, who has authority to sign without a letter of attorney,  in accordance with Charter of potential supplier;
  • Information about qualifications to participate in the procurement process in accordance with Annex 5 to current tender documentation;


  1. I'm pretty certain that my MORTGAGE required fewer notarized papers. Holy cats!

  2. Found your blog the other day when I was researching Paul Bunyan and Babe. Guess which one showed up on Google? Good to be able to hear from you-must be nigh on 20 yrs since I last saw you.Glad you are keeping your mind active.
    Rented out our farmland this spring, sold our farm home with the Lake view, bought a motor home and we will be nomads for a few yrs. Sorry we will miss you at agribition but I plan to be somewhere a tad warmer.

  3. Violet, their list of demands for documents is almost insulting to be honest.
    Blair as in Backman? Yes, about 20 years is right. Enjoy your travels but if you want warmer, try flying. Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Indonesia. Much cheaper, friendlier and warmer than anything you can drive to.


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