Saturday, October 1, 2011

One Efes thing after another - GiST #13

  1. Cold Efes (Ephesus) beer, the best in Turkey, tastes so good after a long hot stroll through the markets.  After I found it was $5 per bottle (half litre), it didn’t taste quite as good but never-the-less. . . and we are on holidays.
  2. A bank machine ate my debit card.  But the hotel desk helped us contact the bank and make arrangements to collect it, starting tomorrow, for however long it takes.  It didn’t eat Tanya’s card so we were able to pull money at least.  She gave me $20 for my very own spending money.
  3. Grilled fish for supper.  I stood in line with Tanya and then gave her my fish because she loves fish.  I ate chicken in tomato sauce.  Tanya says if we come here for the winter we will have to bring our own pork from Ukraine.  I could just eat lamb.
  4. The wind blew all night and the water is pretty choppy; fun for bobbing up and down in the waves.  To me they look so big when I am at the bottom of a trough looking up at the next wave coming in.
  5. My idiot brother (he of The English Cowpath): “I was trying to remember your blog name one time and came up with Fag Bladder but knew that wasn't quite it”. I would punish him but being my brother is likely punishment enough.


  1. You make me laugh...and that is a good thing!

  2. Glad to hear it. glad your dad is still hanging in there too.

  3. On a holiday and on the lamb. That seems about right for you, BF.
    It would be good eating, thought perhaps a touch oily.

  4. Change your name to Fag Bladder, and you will attract a whole new set of followers!

  5. RB, Turkish lamb is lovely. Yes, on the lamb. Sad. Boo, hiss.
    Snowbrush, yes, i am sure it would attract a completely new set of followers. I shudder to think about it

  6. Only Bear could think of such a joke.

    I got a double laugh after visiting the Cowpath. Thought your bro was a Phd or something until I read his profile.

    And yes things are going to get crappy here in very short order if something isn't done soon.


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