Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Homeward bound GiST #18

The last few days have not made it easy to look on the thankful side of much, even though ther ehave been things to be thankful for, I have not felt like listing them or even much thinking about them, being weighed down with other things (see previous post).  However it all fell in place today and so here we go.

1. I have a signed contract with Nameless Large Republic and should get my airline ticket from them tomorrow if they ever make up their minds when the seminars are to be held.  At least I know what my topic is and can work on it finally.

2. The delegation from a Ukrainian company that wanted me to take them to Canadian Western Agribition and do a short study tour of farms, ranches and feedlots cancelled out last night.  This was to be my ticket home to see my kids after 18-24 months.  However Large Nameless Republic kept moving the seminar dates later past the date I would have left for Canada so it was fortunate that the delegation cancelled.

3. Tanya said I should go anyhow so this morning I booked my ticket to Saskatchewan and will be in Canada from Nov 29 to Dec 19.  Did I ever mention how much I love my wife?

4. Kuchma slept in the house the other night instead of going outside.  He came upstairs to wake Tanya at 7:30 in the morning.  BUT he wouldn't go out until first he had a bowl of milk and then his tummy rubbed. He is so funny.  His winter fur filled in while we were in Turkey and he looks like a much larger cat now than he did all summer.

5. People's kids make me happy.  Tanya's Aunt Vera has a great grandson Tolik (Anatoly) who is two and talking up a storm.  Tolik is the one who took the nuts off the axles of his great grandmother's wheel chair and dumped her when the wheels came off.  He loves nursery rhymes and can say several of his favourites.  His great grandmother will often mix up the names of her daughter Natasha, Tolik's grandmother,  and her granddaughter Katya, Tolik's mom.  So now the little imp will grin at his grandmother and call her Katya.


7. Masha, the littlest pot head, though it does seem a bit of a strain.


  1. this GIST was just what I needed after a rough week, YAY!!! thank you so much!!! And I am SOOO happy you get to see your family soon!!! Tanya is someone to be grateful for :)

  2. One month till you go to Sk. That's great! Houston Pizza mmmmm good. Enjoy, Al.

  3. Glad you're coming back to the "old country," BF.
    Are your bringing the most important woman in your life with you? I do hope that is possible!

  4. Glad to make your day, Steph.
    Barb, how did you know that pizza was high on my list?
    Rob, Tanya says she has been to Canada twice in November. she is going to Moscow to visit our friend Galina and the two of them will spend a week going to theatre and such, which Tanya misses. She will come with me next trip which will be in summer we hope.


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