Sunday, October 23, 2011

Food mostly GiST #19

1. Ryya and Vladik came for supper last night so I have another granddaughter story.  She is 5.  Mother: "Why aren't you learning to read?"  Girl: "I don't have to; my friend Iliya can read". Late at night, her mother can hear her tossing and turning in her bed. "Why aren't you asleep?" "Mama, who first decided the world was round?" And mother had to go to Google and find out before the kid would settle down.

2. Tanya went to the market today and I didn't have to go.

3. When she got home we made three litres of Adzhika sauce.  Tomatoes, bell peppers, red chili peppers, fresh horseradish root and garlic all run through the food grinder.  24 cloves of garlic turned out to be too many and next time we will use just 12. The sauce can be cooked and bottled or just bottled and kept in the fridge which is what we did. Apparently you can eat it with anything though it seems to me it would go best on beef.  it is good on bread and butter too.

4. Tanya made vereniki (perogies to some of you) for supper and put a bunch in the freezer too.  Vereniki is first boiled of course. Potato stuffed vereniki are then fried in butter with onions.  Cottage cheese vereniki are basted with melted butter and eaten with sour cream.

5. Number ONE son and DIL bought a new to them car, a 2008 Ford Escape.  They needed a new car so badly as their Toyota had seen better days. I am glad.


  1. Perogies. Now there's the answer to world hunger. Eat three or four of them and 1/2 hour later you're still stuffed. ;-)

  2. 24 cloves when you only needed 12--wow! I would probably enjoy it though. I wish I were there now, in fact.

  3. No recipe that I could see so I will make it up. 2 or three kg tomatoes, half a dozen big bell peppers, any colour, half a dozen long red chili peppers, one garlic bulb (12 cloves) and either 6-8 inches of horseradish root or a jar of horseradish relish. Salt to taste. Adjust all ingredients to taste, actually. We ran it through the meat grinder using a coarse screen but a food processor should work too. You can make it coarse or puree, depending what you want. Drain off extra water. The Adzhika sauce we buy is a thick puree. I expect you can freeze the fresh stuff. Our fridge is full of jars.


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