Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Storm Sunday night

Good thing we took our boat trip on Saturday because it started raining hard Sunday and stormed all night.  It rained again yesterday and a bit today.  There is still no swimming around our beach except by one or two brave souls as the water is still very rough.  Reports are they have not had a rain storm like this for the past 37 years.  Several houses lost in mud slides and six people reported killed.
 This photo was taken Monday morning.  Sunday night at supper the waves were breaking against the 6' seawall and up and over the shade cloth on the sun deck, eventually breaking it down in the night.  You can see the size of the rocks the waves were hurling up onto the deck.  Lots of fist size and several the size of the big one in this picture.

 This picture was also taken Monday morning.  Sunday night at supper the waves were coming in level with the concrete deck.  The wooden slated "covers" have been torn off by the waves.  The holes in the concrete are to absorb some of the force of the waves and keep them from lifting the entire platform or walkway.  There are twenty-five such openings on the deck. 

 I took this photo this afternoon.  There was a large concrete step at the bottom of these stairs from the sun deck through the sea wall down to the water's edge.  It has been totally ripped off the rebar and demolished
Another picture from today.  There are several cubic yards/meters of gravel and rock that were washed up over the 6' sea wall and onto the sundeck by the force of the waves Sunday night.

The water is still very rough close to shore but for a good swimmer it was nice and smooth, as in rolling waves farther out.  Getting there and back was the problem.  I hope the weather is good tomorrow morning when we fly out of here.


  1. It was a very violent storm. Good thing you are safe and sound. I expect by now you are on your way home. Have a safe trip.

  2. Storm sounds delightful. I normally enjoy them; the sound of the rain and water. Sadly, they can be dangerous and destructive, even killers.
    Hope you have a safe trip home.


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