Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yacht Cruise

Yesterday we went on a yacht cruise down the coast.  Very interesting to see the line of resorts wherever there was room between the mountains and the sea. Long trip for Tanya and I as we didn't swim (Tanya is fighting her cold again) or sun but did enjoy the old city of Phaselis (more on that another day).
The Armada of Cruise Boats sets out at 10:00 am

Resort hotels along the shore

The coast is either rock or resort

Pretty fancy looking place
Thump...thump...thump... Ramming Speed!!! Thumpthumpthumpthump

Beautiful little cove

Quiet harbour

Pirates' Cave.  Most of the Mediterranean swarmed with pirates at one point in history or another


  1. Beautiful pictures! Hope that Tanya gets feeling better. That cold! Terrible.


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