Thursday, June 14, 2012

Estate Sale - Antiques, antiques, antiques

Frank & Leone Baker Estate Auction Sale 

 My Aunt Leone was a collector and my Uncle Frank let her.  He has been gone 10 years now and she passed away two years ago, leaving the house full of her collections for her kids to deal with.  Retail value there could be half a million dollars in antiques and collectibles but it will all go under the hammer on Saturday June 16. If you go to the link above there are about 100 pictures which represents a small portion of the huge number of items.

The sale is in the community centre in Denzil Saskatchewan.  The Community Centre is almost full and the house about half empty, my cousin's wife said last night.

 The pictures below  Tanya and I took in 2009 when we visited her.

One corner of the basement
One shelving unit

Antique furniture as well as contents
All kinds of royalty, including Edward VIII, George V and VI, and Victoria

Hen on a nest was her favourite and there are over 100 of all kinds

Dozens of kerosene lamps (almost called them coal oil lamps)
The most wonderful thimble collection ever - from everywhere

Genuine gold and silver thimbles



  1. Wow, what a collection. They must have lived in a pretty big home. I didn't realize you could bid on-line. How does that work when the auction will be done in real time on Saturday?

    I sent the link along to a friend in Sk who is an antique lover. I'd like the cream separator but shipping to central Canada would be very expensive.

  2. Awesome collections! It would be exciting just to see all those things.

    And they are coal oil lamps, regardless of what anyone says.

  3. Would love to be there for that auction!!

  4. Reminds me I need to clean out my back storage one of these days :-)

    Already have one of those milk glass hens collecting dust.

  5. Barb, I have no idea how the on-line bidding works. I posted this as soon as I got the link but it doesn't give my readers much chance.
    RB, and coal-oil lamps lighted my way to bed until I was almost 6 years old.
    afcg, wish you could be there for it; there is enough stuff to go around.
    Demeur, well, I can tell you on Sunday what it is worth as I am buying one for Tanya

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