Monday, June 4, 2012

More dribs and drabs and a couple of photos

This morning started off not bad but went to the dogs fairly quickly.  I was up first and had biscuits on the table for breakfast when Masha and Tanya came down.  Then I took the days collection out to the mutts and when I was closing the gate, Bobik escaped like a puck through a Leaf goalie's legs. I went to get the leash for Volk and as soon as I turned my back he was gone since I hadn't wired the bottom of the gate.  Doh.

So we set off, Masha, Yulia and Maxim and I, leashes in hand, knowing the dogs would come to us if it looked like we were going for a walk.  They came to Masha and Maxim leashed them up, where upon I waved them on and went back to the house.  What is the point of having kids around if you still have to work.  The kids and the dogs were thrilled.  So was I.

The day was getting hot so when the kids came back, they came into the house to paint as all three are budding artists.  When they had each finished their picture, they asked Tanya to judge.  Yulia is 12, seems fairly mature and is quite a good artist. Tanya said so.  Maxim and Masha were devastated that they weren't best.  Each picture was good for the age level and Tanya tried to explain that, to no avail.

At 2:30 it was either cook lunch or go to Marichka.  Yulia couldn't come with us her grandma said so the four of us set off.  We picked up Lina en route as today is a holiday (yesterday was the Feast of the Trinity).  We ordered pizza and dessert.  They brought the dessert first while the pizza was baking. Life is uncertain so. . .

Maxim and Masha eat dessert first
We left Roman at the apartment because he had been at our place most of last week so it was Lina who needed the break.  Roman's blood pressure had been acting up so we double as "hospital".  Tanya "knows as much about blood pressure as any doctor" which I don't doubt, and she got everything settled down and rejigged his meds.  We sent him home just in time for Masha to come for the weekend.

Masha went home tonight.  Not willingly as she loves the freedom of Babushka's home.  Andrei and Tania came to pick her up.  I thanked them for bringing her and thanked them for taking her back, which made Tania smile.  Two days at a time is just right.  Masha wears on Tanya as she cannot entertain herself.

Tanya and I sat on the front entry landing in the cool breeze and enjoyed the solitude and quiet while drinking our tea after supper.

The view from our front entry landing.


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. Which is good. Glad to hear that. Kids and dogs deserve each other. As do grandparents and grandchildren.

    Love the view from your front. Like looking across the road at the neighbour's farm in Saskatchewan.

    We've had rain in River City, but today is bright, almost cloudless, and heading to 25.

  2. And life is good.

    Cool and wet here in western washington. Colder wetter weather for the rest of the week and even snow in the mountains. I thought this was almost summer. Forgot that comes first two weeks of August here. :-)

    1. RB it is truly living in the country and yes, that is the neighbouring hog farm across the way about a mile away.
      Demeur, Americans talk about Canada's "six days of summer". Sounds like your summer is a bit longer but not so much?


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