Sunday, June 3, 2012

Not much doing and here's proof

Andrei borrowed our car three days ago and had it washed.  Yesterday and today we got about an inch (25 mm) of rain according to the depth of water in the dog dish.  First good rain we've had and the gardens greatly appreciated it.

Masha was here yesterday and today.  Babushka took her to the market today to buy her some "village" clothes and cheap runners that she could actually play in when she is here and not worry about getting dirty.

Tanya also bought fresh cottage cheese and is making vereniki (perogies to Canadians) as I write.  Andrei knows when his mother is cooking as he and Tania showed up in time to help make the vereniki and also to eat them. . . We just finished supper and the vereniki.

If you have ever wondered about the term "looks like a dog's breakfast", you have obviously never fed a collection of table scraps to a dog.  While they eat regular dry dog food (Chappies) we routinely take out a small dish of stuff only a dog would eat and split it between the two mutts.  Hence the dog dish that doubles as a a rain gauge.  This morning I took them out their "treat" and forgot to double wire the gate. This afternoon Volk found that out and slipped out to freedom.

It was short lived.  I put Bobik on a lease and Masha, Yulia (girl from up the street) and I set out on a walk.  Volk came bounding up from somewhere; Masha grabbed his collar and he joined us on the walk.  Works every time (this was not the first time I forgot the bottom wire on the gate).  The girls each took a dog and off they went running while I chug along slowly behind, glad the dogs can run and I don't have to.

The gardens will look better in a couple weeks but here are some pictures from last week.

Front flower garden May 21
Late blooming Iris
Bluebells in front, Spiderwort in back
Not sure of this one.


Part of the huge kitchen garden


  1. You know, I would say there's a lot happening in your world. All that new garden after the rain, and two dog handlers you've added to your "staff."

    But then, I'm a Bear, and what do Bears really know about anything?

  2. I agre with what a garden! That takes a lot of time and energy. And I have to back track and find out about the new additions to your "pack" also...xo

  3. Your blog reminds me of letters I used to get from my Mom when I was at university. I have kept many of them and pull them out every so often to get a glimpse of life back then. Who came for coffee, who came for dinner, the weather, the garden and the everyday activities that make up a full life. Nice to think of the full life you have Al.

  4. Beautiful pictures, papa.

  5. I envy you your kitchen garden. We have had wonderful kitchen gardens in two of the places we lived; but here in the mountains of Maine we are surrounded by trees and there is not enough sun that reaches any one area for long enough to grow a proper garden. We do have one small raised bed for bush beans and a couple of tomato plants.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. RB, the dog handlers are great fun and the dogs enjoy them no end.
      AFCG, the garden looks wonderful. First picking of peas today, going into the freezer tomorrow
      Barb, I remember those hand written newsy letters. They disappeared with the advent of email which is sad in a way.
      Ky, thanks.
      Ol'B, I take it you have to look up to see sky. Must be kind of dark if garden won't grow. I like living where one looks straight ahead to see sky, being a flatlander.


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