Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No Shaggy Dog Story

Yesterday the dogs got a haircut.  I had been combing them out all spring to get the soft winter insulation hair but it was still pretty thick.  Tanya felt sorry for them being so hot.  She had clipped them once before a couple of years ago and thought she would try it again. 

Scissors in hand, with  me helping hold the dogs when necessary, she started in; Bobik first.  He is easiest because his hair is all one colour.  It took too long and he got bored with the process but didn't mind it otherwise.

Volk was next.  When we laid him down to clip his belly and legs, he promptly closed his eyes and went to sleep so I guess it didn't bother him too much. 

The cutting was a little ragged (in the goat-chewed category) but as Tanya said, they are village dogs.  And it didn't cost $120 like it used to in Canada for my two little dogs.

Masha is here this evening so I got pictures of her and the dogs.  And a few of the front flower garden as well for good measure.  To take your mind off the haircuts.




Front flower garden

Front end of side flower garden


  1. The garden is gorgeous. The dogs? Not so much.

    1. For their haircut next year we are going to buy an electric clippers. Tanya is braver than I am as I wouldn't even know where to begin to clip a dog...or a sheep.

  2. Was going to plant veggies this year but it's too cold and wet once again. Actually dogs are easier to clip or so my sister told me. I had enough trouble cutting the cats claws. I'd have to sit on her to do it. :-)


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