Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Piled higher and Deeper

Canadian Cattlemen had a news item today that Manitoba RCMP found a stolen tractor that had been missing for a year and a half.  The $300,000 Case IH Steiger 485 was buried under a 5 meter manure pile.

Reminded me of a couple of stories, once of which I can vouch for, as I was there, though not involved. 

At the U of S, the Engineering and Agriculture Colleges have had an on-campus rivalry since the founding days.  Back in the 60s when university was fun, the Engineers had a "tank" of which they were quite proud. It was a home built cannon, mounted on a turret on top of an old jalopy.  The cannon could fire a roll of toilet paper or an orange a few hundred yards.

One winter day during snow sculpture week, the Agros stole the tank.  It disappeared off the face of the earth.  It was nowhere.  Until spring when the huge College of Agriculture snow sculpture melted.

Where this next story took place, I do not know, but some university or technical school had a real old time cannon which was mounted on display in some central location.  Except it was constantly being stolen and would turn up in strange places, much to the annoyance of the powers that were.

So one day they decided "Enough"!  A huge cement block was poured into the ground with steel attachments which were welded to the cannon so it could not be moved.  Ever.  The morning after the forms, barriers, etc. were removed and the display tided up, the cannon was gone.  There was only the hole and a pile of dirt.

The cannon disappeared completely without a trace.  Even under torture, the students knew nothing about it.  Until, after three months a mysterious note appeared on an office door, "Look under the dirt pile, you idiots".


  1. This made me laugh...though don't know why! It reminds me of the time we sold a backhoe...I never knew they didn't have titles like cars! Now we have a more expensive backhoe...I worry about it..Ha!..Who knows..on the way to Mexico while we sleep...which is where most of them go.

  2. Yeah, the Agros and Engineers used to have a bit of a "thing." (But I never knew where the Ag. Engineers fit into that scheme.)

    Today's students are way too serious. Serious is generally good, but students today don't even know how to laugh. A sign of the times, perhaps.

  3. A good laugh. Today's students are buried under a pile only it isn't dirt.

    I think the funniest prank here was at a local high school. Prior to graduation some students (and even a parent or two helped out) split an old car in two then welded it back together around the schools flag pole. All done during the night without anyone knowing.

    1. afcg, flat deck trailers make hauling big expensive equipment way too easy and some of it is hard to trace, especially across borders.
      RB, we had a lot of fun doing stuff at university we would be arrested for today
      Demeur, yes, that is why they are so serious about their studies. Cost. My first year at U of S cost $1100 total for everything. Love the car around the flag pole idea. Worst thing we did to our highschool flagpole was run up a flag made from a beer carton and a pair of panties.


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