Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ky

Ky has a birthday today. She is my second youngest, still in her 20's though I think the PhD in English Literature is aging her prematurely. She is a right-brain thinker in a left-brain world, marching to her own drummer. Thankfully, she has a cousin Maryanne and a friend Amanda who also march to the same drummer. When she was about 2, she sang Happy Birthday to the furnace and then blew out the pilot light. At 3, she dialled 911 because "nothing 'citing happens 'round here". She loves photography, especially experimental pictures. She has a gift for writing humour like Stephen Leacock which i hope someday she takes advantage of.

I had hoped to be in Victoria to help celebrate your birthday, Ky but no such luck. Give yourself a hug from your old man and know he is thinking about you and loves you very much. Tanya sends her love too.


  1. Thanks, old man! Love you both so much.

  2. I have an eerie feeling I've heard Ky say "nothing 'citing happens 'round here" on a regular basis! :)