Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Great-Great-Grandfather's Bible

Richard Milson Bielby was born in Weaverthorp, Yorkshire, England in 1809. As a young boy, he received this bible as a Sunday School prize and brought it with him when he immigrated to Canada. He was married in 1833 in York County, Ontario, Canada and one of his sons, Thomas Coke Bielby was the father of my Grandmother Gertrude (Bielby) Johnson.

There are a few pages missing from the front so it is impossible for me to determine the exact age but 190 years would seem close enough. My Aunt Betty sent the Bible as a birthday present, one which I shall cherish dearly, until I give it to Kylee-Anne who collects and treasures old books.


  1. That is so amazing. Very cool.

  2. That is the most wonderful present in the world, Dad. You've got a very good Aunt Betty.

  3. Did my dad tell you that, when we were sifting through Grandma's things this summer, we found Great-Grandpa's Gaelic Bible?


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