Saturday, October 4, 2008

Supper Tonight

Tonight was my turn to cook. We had a decent piece of beef in the fridge and all the ingredients for my menu. It turned out spectacular, which always surprises me (and likely everyone else) as everything is an experiment.
Baby carrots from our own garden, oven roast in butter and garlic (Used up the butter the cat licked :) :).
Beef Stroganoff, my own version, in mushroom gravy with half a tub of sour cream added for good measure. (Half a tub of sour cream improves virtually anything, I think. Right, Lyn?).
Some kind of pasta. It is all really macaroni when you come right down to it but this stuff was about 3 cm long, round and hollow.
Apple crisp for dessert. Took a second one over to Lucia and Zhenia too.
Tanya was impressed and promised to buy more beef for me to cook with.

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  1. OMG I love Ukranian Sour Cream. I've told everyone I know about it. It's the most delicious sour cream in the world. It's the real reason I'm coming back for another visit.


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