Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Get out and vote, Canada!

Today, Oct 14th, 2008 is election day in Canada.
Choices are limited:
  • Conservative Reform Alliance Party (CRAP)
  • Natural Governing Party of Canada (NGP). (I dion' like them much anymore).
  • Notionally Democratic Party (specializing in anti-economic theory)
  • Block Heads du Quebec (specializing in blackmailing Canada by threatening NOT to leave)
  • Watermelon party (Green on outside, Red on inside)
Remember, if you don't vote, you cannot complain about the government.

Personally, I suffer from electile dysfunction. I just can't get aroused by any of the leaders of any of the parties.


  1. I still think we should change over to the Australian way of voting. It's too cool. Won't fix the parties we have, but who knows, it might encourage some new ones.

  2. I say we mutiny the entire thing.

  3. Dad I didn't vote, but why punish me because I can do math?

  4. Speaking of voter apathy the edmonton strathcona riding was decided by 442 votes, and guess who didn't win?? HA, thats right the conservative, after he did his acceptance speech, what a knob, and after that he wouldn't concede, what a moron!!!


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