Friday, October 17, 2008

I see you're back from the Front

Sergey was here yesterday and again today. My lower back feels like a slab of raw meat but I don't have to crouch to wash my hands. He'll be here another 7 times or until the skin is worn off my back.

Tanya took pictures to send my kids or post on my blog. No, I don't think so. No one wants to see a picture of a Gorilla pounding hell out of a Beluga. and it is a family blog so my bare behind is off limits anyhow. (Speaking of which, LynnieC, I see you took your picture off your blog).

Sergey and his wife are Protestant Christians. His grandparents were both Protestant Christians and his grandfather did 20 years in Magadan Gulag for owning a Bible and preaching the Gospel.
Sergey would like to go to Canada where his wife is but his parents are old and need looking after. Tanya told him that we would certainly be willing to help look after them so he could go. There is no one or no place here to look after old people except family. Tanya says Canadians are so fortunate that our elderly can get such good places to live where they are looked after.

In other news, Masha started Kindergarten yesterday. She said it was "embarassing". Her mother had to threaten to take her home if she didn't eat her lunch. She ate. She is so happy to have so many playmates. She has been a very lonely little girl.


  1. Which picture are you talking about?

  2. I'm so glad she's in school. I think that will be so good for her.

  3. The one of you with the bear behind. I couldn't find it on your blog. March 25th, I thought it was

  4. Oh! Me and Knut!!!


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