Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blame it on Murray

We have begun to paint some of the red trim around the house to a light blue-grey colour, beginning with the two arches on each of the front step landing and balcony. The paint was too thick when we started to easily paint the rough brick and cement. So I added some water. Not enough, Tanya said, add more water. More water. More water. I had over 1 1/2 cups in a 4 litre pail of paint and was not wanting to add any more. At the same time the wind is blowing and the sky is clouding up like we are in for rain.

I was looking for a repeat of the yarn about the man hired to paint the neighbour's barn. He put a lot of water in the paint to save money. A sudden rainstorm washed off the paint. Knowing he had been fairly caught in his greed, he fell on his knees as a voice from the sky admonished him "Repaint and thin no more".


  1. Ah, the puns!

    I read somewhere the "paint" and "repent" actually had the same root word, and that to repent literally meant "repaint." So after reading this, I had to look it up. They're not at all related (except in punnery). I was disappointed.

    Just because I love etymology:

    Paint comes from Latin "pingere" (a related word is pigment), and and repent comes from Latin "peonitire" (make sorry) from "poena" (a related word is pain).

    Sorry. I just found a great new website:

  2. I'm not sure which one of you is the bigger dork right now.


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