Saturday, May 24, 2008

It’s my Wild Iris, Rose

The Iris grows wild on the Asian steppes or grasslands. Iris is an indicator of over grazing as it grows thickly where the grass has been abused. I have seen this frequently in Inner Mongolia, China and last year when we were in Mongolia. The above picture was taken near Abakan on the hills over looking the former site of the village of Tanya’s early childhood home in Khakasia Republic, Russia.

Iris is quite popular in flower beds in Marianivka with a wider variety of colours than I had ever seen before. There are short dark blue ones which bloom with the early tulips and then in early May, the tall ones start blooming, beginning with dark blue and then gradually all the other colours. Our yellow tulips are just starting but they are very late this year.


  1. Seriously dad. Puns are not funny.

  2. Those are just beautiful! (the flowers, not the puns)


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