Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Painting the fence

Where is Tom Sawyer when I really need him? Our front and side fence is a mesh of 1/8 inch rods welded into an angle iron frame which is welded to iron pipe set in concrete. I don’t know if it was ever painted but in lieu of replacing it, I am painting it grey. It takes time. Lots of time. And is boring. Actually painting the mesh is less work than painting the frame. The front is now painted across the full 25 meters of our lot and I am starting on the side fences. Tanya will finish putting in the garden tomorrow and then can help me as I am very slow.

Our natural gas pipes are all above ground. Recent installations are painted yellow. Ours may have been red at one time but it is hard to tell. I am painting it yellow, along with the supports above the fence line. I am also painting my ladder yellow, my shirt yellow and the fence below yellow. I will have to do some touch up on previous painted places.


  1. The question remains . . .

    Were you wearing cowboy boots, shorts, a straw hat and a shirt slightly too small?

    Just checkin.

  2. That is my official deck painting outfit. I was wearing my South African stockman's hat. Does that count?

  3. I would definately go with a sprayer and maybe a new fence from Production FenceWorks


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