Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Eta Moia Tanyushka

Sometimes I think the only reason Tanya married me was to have someone to laugh at.

We have a friend in Moscow who is Dean of Languages at an Institute near where she lives. She wrote that her boyfriend took her to a good restaurant and bought her flowers and French Champagne BUT she couldn’t talk to him because he is a “sportsman” and not intellectual. Tanya replied that she was married to an intellectual who could write projects for other countries but couldn’t figure out how to use the garden sprayer she bought.

Our neighbour’s husband is away “taking the waters” at a health spa in the Carpathians for three weeks. Her son-in-law is here every evening and on weekends helping in the garden, cutting hay for the rabbits and doing as much as he can. Tanya said he lost his mother at a very young age and Lucia is like a mother to him. I said it was so wrong that so many people die so young. She said, “Yes, it is wrong, because they are mothers…it should be husbands”.

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