Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dog Walk

Pups and I usually take two routes on our walks (see map). Route 1 goes down the road, south along the creek, across a grassy field and returns along the road past a few houses, then home. Route two is my favourite as we wander through the cemetery and return home when we get tired. The long route shown can take up to an hour.

Wednesday, we took a different route going north along our street then along the marsh. There is a decades old wooden foot bridge across the marsh so we headed out on it, rather cautiously on my part. A girl came up behind us and gentlemanly as always, Volk stepped aside to make room for her and fell in the marsh. He disappeared in the thick reeds and I thought I’d have to go find him when he reappeared, and hooked his front feet up onto the bridge. I hauled him up all wet and muddy. This tied him with Bobik who fell into the creek where the banks are steep on Route 1. They just have to go down to the water’s edge on every walk and he had fallen in.

Not trusting the planking and having no desire to duplicate Volk’s swim in the mud, we turned back and continued on our way along the trail. We came across some of the village livestock tethered out to graze on the new grass. A young nanny goat was quite glad to have company and as we came along side her, she started bleating at us in a friendly way. The poor dogs had no idea what this strange animal was but wanted no part of it. On the first beat they were gone as fast as they could run. They were quite well behaved the rest of the walk.


  1. That's pretty much the cutest story in the world, Dad.

  2. I love it. That poor little puppy falling in the marsh. How cute.

  3. Very amusing stories. Good work with the graphics showing your routes in Google Earth. From the coordinates shown I was zooming in with Google Earth and looking more at the area were you live.


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