Saturday, May 24, 2008

Painted Arches

Well, the paint didn’t run after three fairly good rains so I guess it is safe to post the results. My plan is to eventually paint all the red brick trim to blue grey. It will take time. Especially the high stuff. Maybe I’ll hire it done.

Masha was here all after noon playing with Maxim from next door. Outside all is mud so they go out long enough to mud up their shoes, then come back in.

Speaking of rain, yesterday we went to the farmers market located near a grocery store and near an automatic teller. It was clouding up with lightning and thunder so we knew we were in for it. Tanya had to go to the market to buy eggs and then to the grocery store for some other stuff. She always takes a while in the market. After taking 5 minutes at the “Bankomat” I got back to the car just as it began to pour buckets. Being the thoughtful husband I drove over close to the market entrance so if Tanya had to make a run for it in the rain she would not have far to go. I tried to phone my new location to her but no answer.

Of course she had already left the market and gone to the grocery store so I was actually farther away from her. When the rain subsided slightly, she ventured out and I am gone. She found me but was some damp when she got to the car door. She says there is a saying in Russian that should be my motto as it fits perfectly. “I wanted to do better but I did the same as always”.

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