Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays

Friday it rained buckets and the rain continued all night. Saturday was rainy in the morning and muddy in the afternoon. Sunday we were able to do a little yard work, transplanting bedding plants and the like. Monday it rained again.

Tuesday it dried up enough to do yard work. Hoeing in the orchard is one job Tanya trusts me with as she doesn’t think I will hurt the trees, I guess. Tuesday night every muscle I owned and some I had rented ached. Wednesday we did “light” yard work, like breaking asphalt around the plum tree in our side drive way to make a larger open area around it and trimming large tree branches to make more light for the peonies. I also sprayed what I hope is Malathion or similar (we bought it at the local garden shop) on our fruit trees as we have an infestation of aphids and other unlovely critters.

At 4:00 pm the skies opened once more and it rained. Buckets. Cats and dogs. If you went outside you stepped in a poodle. For a while we thought it would hail taxis. It rained all night but this morning the sky is blue, with a Northwest wind and the day is lovely. Look out orchard, here I come.

I suggested to Tanya that since I was now a village man and had to do all this work, we should get a cow and I could cut hay with a scythe and haul it home on my back all summer like the other men. She said since I was an intellectual, that would be too much hay. We should settle for a goat. When I told Bronwyn, she thought likely a hamster was more within my capabilities. I get no respect.


  1. You gave me a smile to start off my day. You remind me of that old TV show "Green Acres."

  2. I loved that show. I will write a blog someday entitled "Ruth is stranger than friction".


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