Friday, August 29, 2008

Food Prices

Tanya and I went grocery shopping yesterday so I made a note of some of the prices in the markets for vegetables and meat. I saved the grocery receipt but at the moment I can’t find it on my desk so can’t remember the price of milk, cheese or bread or bottled water. Next time.
Some explanations. It is fall so vegetables are at their lowest price as most are supplied locally. Not sure where all the fruit comes from, much from Crimea, I expect. Eggs are sold in 10’s, no packaging. Plastic bag and be careful. The chicken, pork and beef are prices from the wet market. It is not the Safeway meat case by any stretch. Chicken is whole or cut up the way we are used to in Canada while beef and pork are still cut with a knife and giant cleaver into pieces. If you are familiar with how a carcass looks, you can sometimes recognize where the piece came from. Very little price differentiation between cuts though there is some.

Ground pork is from the meat counter in the local grocery store as are the rest of the prices. Sausage (Kielbasa) ranges from 30 to 50 UAH with a few brands up to double that. Bologna and related runs from 20 to 40 UAH. The liquor prices I remember from shopping for Tanya’s party.

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