Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. So many things to be thankful for.
  • My wife is home again.
  • I am getting older but am not dead yet.
  • Sleeping to noon followed by an 8-egg omelet loaded with onions, peppers and tomatoes, washed down with 2 liters of coffee. I can't do that anymore now that Tanya is home.
  • We bought a REAL tree, a 6' Scotch Pine for $15 dollars, which is now set up in our living room. It was cut fresh and should last 6 months.
  • It rained last night and froze. The world is a skating rink but we don't have to go to town today.
  • I finished our Christmas letter 2008 and email speeds delivery! Tanya is going to translate it to send to her friends and relatives too. We may start a new custom.

Andrei Tanya and Masha came for supper last night. Yesterday was Saint Nicholas' Day when children find little gifts under their pillows and receive gifts from adults. We bought her a pink party dress which she refused to take off. When you think about it, given the history and reputation of Saint Nicholas, this makes much more sense than Santa Claus at Christmas.


  1. Dude, did you poop out a chicken? Nobody can eat all 50 eggs.

  2. Well, Paul did but he had help stuffing them in his mouth. Eight is do-able when it is noon and you haven't eaten since likely 3:00 the day before.

  3. Wow he must have a cardiologist on speed dial. I haven't eaten something like that since I was in my teens. Getting old sucks.

  4. I eat eggs like they come outta chicken butts! Lots and lots of eggs. Cholesterol? meh. Already have enough thank you, and it wasn't from the eggs. If mother nature makes it, it's not the problem. It's those man made donuts that are still hanging around in my arteries five years after my last one.

  5. Eight eggs wouldn't even bring my blood cholesterol up to low normal. Doctors hate me because I am 50 kg overweight and all my vitals are so good they can't yell at me. Two pots of coffee will raise my blood pressure to 140/90. I worry about blood sugar but so far so good. But I'll die of something, never fear.


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