Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Many Faces of LynnieC

LynnieC has a birthday today. Maybe she will celebrate by studying? Lyn is my youngest. We called her Tigger 'cause she bounced (she still bounces...) and Miss Merry Sunshine 'cause she was always happy.

She could get into more trouble as a small child.... One April day a friend and I were driving from our house to Canadian Tire and saw a small child's shoe in the middle of the street. I commented on the quality of parenting some children receive, only to see Lyn booting it down the road, (also headed for Canadian Tire??) with one shoe missing. She was 16 months old and had slipped the gate latch. At three, she doctored her own headache with two children's aspirin which was the number she always got. How did she open the bottle? "I readed the directions".

Her sister May-B may be the Queen of Sarcasm but Lyn is the "Undisputed Empress of the Universe of Sarcasm". She and May-B's dog Vicki are cut from the same cloth ("middle toe of the front paw"). They call no man master and do what they want, when they want. Tanya loves them both for this reason. She says to me, "Did you get an email from Lyn today?" No. (Of course not. Are there two moons in the sky?) And Tanya laughs and laughs.

Happy Birthday, Merry Sunshine. I love you.


  1. For some reason, the picture won't show for me, but I'm sure you've picked good ones.

  2. Ha! Thanks daddy-o! I love you SO much. Miss you!

  3. The "middle toe" link didn't take me anywhere. *sob*

    I'm with you where May-B is concerned. I think she's adorable. Don't know the others much.

  4. I seriously look like a prostitute in the pic with all the makeup, though. And that is why i don't wear it.

    DC: I love you, Uncle! I can't wait to see you soon!

  5. Oh, and I finished my homework yesterday so that I could do nothing but shop and watch movies all day! So that's what my friend Cass and I did. It was excellent. But 7 hours in the West Edmonton Mall is a lot of time.


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