Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Three Blog Night

Ain't it amazing what a person will do just to work in a corny line like that?

Things I am thankful for today:

  • Tanya gets home in two days and Andrei will drive me into Dnipropetrovsk to collect her at the railway station.

  • The gas repair man says the furnace is working fine; we just need new radiators. I have another project to finish which will pay for them.

  • That is is only -5 here and not -50 with the windchill like Saskatchewan was yesterday.

  • Did I mention, Tanya gets home in two days.

  • That Ky can't get at me to kill me for this picture.


  1. That doesn't mean I won't kill you when I can get at you.

  2. What's family for if you can't tease them?

    Great posts on life in Ukraine. Actually it's not as bad as I thought. But the temperatures are too cold for me.

  3. Ky - guess I may have to do some more pictures now I know how.

    Demeur - Thanks. -5 is bearable if is isn't raining or foggy. I don't miss the cold Saskatchewan winters though. If I stayed in Canada I'd move to Vancouver Island. They have temps like yours.

  4. Family is THE one thing you can make fun of yet still be honest in the telling.


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