Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thankfulness in small things

My daughter May-B is participating in a blog project called Day of Grace 365 in which she will post daily for a year five things she is thankful for that day. Not big things but small things. This is a terrific idea as we too often overlook the little things in a day that make us happy and for which we should be thankful.

For today, I am thankful
  1. That Tanya will be home on the noon train on Thursday after a four day trip from Abakan;
  2. That my friend likes my work on his oyster consulting project and that we will wrap it up on Wednesday...and get paid.
  3. That Kuchma keeps me company. When he gets lonely he meows to be let outside. When I go downstairs I find what he really wanted was someone to watch him eat.
  4. That I remembered to water Tanya's 32 houseplants so she won't find them dead when she gets home and render me likewise.
  5. That in May-B's last Day of Grace blog she made an announcement of a forthcoming announcement. No, she is not pregnant...that I know of.


  1. Nice, Dad. Classy. No, I'm not pregnant.

    Glad Tanya will be home soon!!

    Miss you lots.

  2. Well, I HAD to write something or burst.

  3. Dad, you are a way better house sitter than me. Mel left for a week and I managed to kill the two plants that had been left in my care. To my own credit, once, I thought about watering them. I didn't but at least I thought about it.


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