Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Music

Today is December 1st, the "official day" to start playing Christmas Music. Tanya says January 1 is when they start in Ukraine.

Nana Mouskouri's Christmas Album is playing as I write. I shall wear out my 18 Christmas CD's and maybe, if I can find one, buy a tape deck of sorts so I can play another couple of dozen albums.

I love Christmas music. And to Scrooge (aka #1 Son) all I can say is pppffftt and nanananabooboo.
Christmas is also a time for remembering. This picture is from 2001. Happier times or "the last good year".


  1. Except I don't see the head of David Letterman anywhere. It's not Christmas without him!!

  2. Good point. I went back to the original photo and blew it up large and couldn't find it. Do you still have that "decoration"?

    What year did we (#1 son) first "hang" him on the tree?

  3. So, how darn big IS your house!? I'll be showing a photo of our tree next week. It's one of those ultra skinny ones because, well, anything of normal size and we'd have no room to walk and it would block the door.

  4. That was the year, but we didn't hang it until Christmas eve.

  5. Sorry--it was 2003 that we hung it.

  6. That particular house was about 1100 sq ft. I sold it almost immediately after Ella died.


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