Saturday, January 10, 2009

Grandma's Birthday

My Mother-in-Law had a birthday last Monday. I thought maybe one of the girls would write about her but since they often mention her in their blogs, I guess they gave her time off. Mom is now 89, still lives on her own, in the apartment that she and Dad and Ella moved into almost 50 years ago.

There isn't enough space on all the blogs on earth to write all the good things about her that I could. She was "Auntie" Bea to a great many young people in the church, including me, long before I had any notion of changing it to "Mom". She has an immense capacity for love, worry, hospitality, work and still makes the Energizer Bunny look like a sloth.

She is frugal with her money (and yours) to a fault. I called her on her birthday and she worried about the cost of the call, which is less from Ukraine to North Battleford than it used to be from Regina to North Battleford. But she gives money away to those in need at every opportunity.

She has loved me over the years in spite of me being me and she still loves me.

She accepted Tanya with open arms and open heart. When she learned Tanya's mother had passed away some years ago she said to her that if Tanya needed a mother she would be Tanya's mom.

Mom, I love you and I hope you are around for many many more birthdays.


  1. This is so nice. I hope you send this to her--although, when I showed her that picture of her she thought it was awful because of all the wrinkles!

  2. Grandma called to say that thats one to many manys.

  3. Good point. Make that "as many more birthdays as you want". World's officially oldest person is 115 years.


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