Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Interview

1. If money was no object, describe how you would make your life more perfect and why.
First, Tanya and I would travel more, including going to see our families in Canada and Siberia twice a year instead of struggling to make it once a year and not always succeeding. It is a big world and we have not seen nearly enough of it nor learned nearly enough interesting things about interesting places.
Second, I would contribute enough money to the University of Saskatchewan to totally renovate the old Stone Barn so it would stand another 100 years and dedicate it to Dr. Bell. The Stone Barn is a major historical landmark that is too costly to do much with when the University is struggling with finances. J Milton Bell spent almost 50 years inspiring students and adding to the knowledge of livestock nutrition.
Third, I would contribute generously to two Regina based charities in which I firmly believe: Souls Harbour Rescue Mission, which I have supported in the past and Chili For Children. Charity begins at home and Regina was home for over 20 years.
Fourth, I would find NGO’s working in Ukraine with the poor and hungry, especially street kids and contribute generously to them. Charity begins at home and this is home. We have so much and the needs are so great.

2. Where do you see your self realistically in 10 years and what would you be willing to change to get to your "desired place in life"?
Realistically, I see myself right here, working in the garden in summer, doing as much travelling as we can afford, sitting back and enjoying life. Since this is where I want to be, I don’t have to change anything except maybe my eating and exercise habits in order to live longer.

3. If you could start all over from Junior High on what occupation would you have chosen and why?
I have thought about this, quite a bit over the years. Maybe I would have done that PhD in Range Management that was split between Idaho and Alaska that was available back in 1976. Maybe I would have studied history and become an archaeologist, working digs in Northern and Central Asia. Maybe I’d have gone to Tech and learned carpentry.

4. What one characteristic or quality would you want your kids to have that would make you feel like you had succeeded as a parent and why?
Self-confidence. Because I don’t have any and my father before me did not. Lack thereof makes one’s life very very difficult.

5. Tell us how you parent/parented your children that was similar or totally different than how you were parented? In other words, what did you learn to do or not to do as a parent that your parents did?
I wanted my kids NEVER to be afraid to disagree and to argue with me. About anything. In that, we succeeded! Too well, somedays.

I stole these questions from Dana at Life is Good because they kind of make you think a bit before answering.

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  1. I know about the "disagreeing" part with our children. If I hadn't been in the same room when my daughter Joy way born, I'd swear they switched kids on me.

    I also cannot understand how I missed my usual answer "if money was no object what would you do"? When I've ALWAYS said I'd buy land, land and more land and open a no-kill reserve for deserted pets.


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