Thursday, January 29, 2009

You and me goin' cookin' in the dark

The lights went out at 5:00 tonight. Tanya found three candles in the bathrooms and since we have a gas stove, proceeded to cook supper by candle light. From scratch. How she found all the ingredients in the dark pantry, I don't know. First we had our daily allotment of cognac, drinking to Health (we are both sick with colds), Love and (a return of the) Lights. We had hamburger and macaroni hash, "home-made" sausage that needed to be cooked (most is eaten cold) and pancakes with home-made strawberry jam or sour cherry syrup. There is enough left for breakfast tomorrow. The lights came on just as we finished our tea.

The pancakes were a necessity as we had no bread (and no milk, sausage, eggs, butter, cheese, fresh vegetables or fruit other than our own apples). We are going shopping tomorrow. And our supermarket Velika Kreshenya ("big pockets" in Ukrainian) will have a record day.


  1. That is a pretty intense supper for no lights. I likely would have had cereal.

  2. We had no cereal and no milk. We bought 1500 UAH of groceries yesterday.


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