Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I ain't seen the sunshine since...

Another day of peasoup fog. I have lost count. The temperature hangs around +3 day and night and everything is dripping wet. Much of the snow is gone around the house, our flowerbeds are black and I need a Bobcat to clean the dog yard. The road is either deep in slush or where the snow is gone, covered with a thin layer of greasy clay.

I took the hounds for a walk today again. When I opened the gate, Volk was GONE like a shot, while Bobik starts off a bit and then comes back to grab at me so I will follow. I went to their kennel room and filled their dog food dishes and Bobik followed, frantic for me to go with them on their run. As I leave the yard he races ahead then comes back and loops around me, takes off and comes back. He repeats this "Timmy fell down the well" routine until he is certain that, yes, I am going with them, then he too is GONE at a high gallop down the road.

Tanya made soup tonight for supper, after our walk. It was good and warmed me up. My sinuses are running and my throat is getting sore. Tanya's cold finally caught up with me. I need sunshine.


  1. I miss Tanya's cooking. I have dreams about it.

  2. Those dogs are too funny. How cute.

  3. Yes, the dogs are quite entertaining. And when they are wet and muddy, since they are outdoor dogs, i don't have to bath them.
    Lyn, Tanya says don't worry, she WILL come and cook for you.


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