Friday, January 23, 2009

Trail of '98

One of the most famous pictures of the Klondike Gold Rush is the unending trail of miners carrying their supplies to the summit of the Chilkoot Pass.
We have 2 mm long little black ants living under our baseboards. Used to be thousands of them. We have spread ant bait, mopped and vacuumed, succeeding in thinning but not eliminating. You can see where things are spilled on the floor because in the morning the spots are black with ants. Tanya has started blasting them with Mr Muscle, running around like Gus Portakolos with his bottle of Windex.

Obviously I had not cleaned the table top one evening as when I got up in the morning it was covered with ants. There was a black line along the floor headed for the table which turned and headed straight up the wall to the tables edge. It looked like it was drawn with a felt tip marker. I laughed. It was the Klondike all over again.
I scooped them all up with a wet dish sponge, washed them down the sink and cleaned and polished the table before Tanya saw it. The dish of cookies left on the table made the dogs quite happy. They struck it rich.


  1. IF you have boric acid (powder) you can literally sprinkle it around the entryway and they'll turn BACK. It amazes me how the first ant can bring them all back.

    By the way, the nice post I had today? Kathi came back and took offense. *sigh*

  2. Very cute post, daddy-o. I love the Big Fat Greek Wedding reference. Has Tanya seen that movie? She might like it.

  3. Ha! She totally would love that movie. Great reference.

    Cyan pepper (is that what it's called?) also should work. Check Maryanne's blog and search for "ants". She had a similar issue.

  4. I will have to try these ant cures. I happen to have cayenne pepper and liquid boric acid, so I'll spread the joy around and see what happens. My luck, they will like it.


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