Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Great Weather Site

Harry Dekker used to say a Meteorologist was someone who could look in a girl's eyes and tell whether.

My brother sent me a link to this great weather site which his son in law sent him. FindLocalWeather gives detailed maps of the earth showing temp, windspeeds, barometric pressure etc.


  1. The weather here in the Northwest is so unpredictable you can walk two blocks and it will be different. I use Weather Bug but it's not right either most of the time.

  2. this is my first visit to your blog and look at this...I already took away a piece of valuable info! I'll be back to read you again soon!


  3. Demeur, I'm not sure this is a forecast as much as a map of changing weather as it occurs, which might be used for forecasting.
    AM - Now don't go raising people's expectations that this blog is useful. It will ruin my reputation.


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