Friday, January 2, 2009

A Winter's Walk

The day was perfect for walking. A clear sky, not too cold and not much breeze. The temperature climbed to -6ºC and the sun was warm on your back. We drove into Zhovti Vody for some groceries (and to put more money on Tanya’s mobile phone). When we got back, we got our cameras and took the dogs for a walk. They pretend to ignore us but we know they love to have company on their romps through the snow. Tanya and I must be the only two people in Ukraine who walk for exercise and enjoyment instead of necessity.

By the time we got home, the temperature had dropped to -10ºC and the wind was picking up so we made tea and hot soup for supper to warm up.

Tonight will be cold, it is 7:30 pm and already -14ºC. The weather is playing into the hands of Gazprom, the Russian supplier of natural gas to Ukraine. I hope Ukraine and Russia settle a contract for 2009 soon.


  1. I've been back-reading your posts so that I could catch up. I've learned not to trust you or May-b. First, she shows a photo of a black man and says it's her dad and had me fooled for months. Now you have a photo on your blog that looks more eskimo than anything. Is that YOU? Or should I go back to believing you're a black man?

  2. You back on that again? B&W pictures do not mean I am not in the pink. My nose may have Bantu-esque width but the length is pure Caucasian.
    I worked in the Arctic for two years and do not look Inuit, trust me on that. Curly Joe, yes. Eli Kikoak, no.
    Photoshop can only do so much when it has so little to work with.

  3. I'd like to know what your race has to do with anything anyway?

    Jeepers. Who cares if you are black, Inuit, or a purple-people eater. Either way, you're my old man.


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