Friday, May 1, 2009

Cuckoos, bees and blossoms

It must be deep spring. The frogs are singing in the marsh. This morning a bumblebee outside our window buzzed like an AgriKing crop spraying aircraft with a full load and our beloved demented cuckoo is back.

The warm weather brought all the trees into blossom that survived the frost. The city is in full bloom. Late was good this year. Our very dead looking apricot is bursting into leaf. No flowers this year so no fruit but it will be around another year. The chestnut trees Add Imageare all leafed out and their white candle-cones flowers will be blooming in a week or so.

Our front yard yellow-cherry is covered with white blooms. At night the light from our outside security lamps shines up through the tree, making it look like it is covered with huge soft cottony balls of snow. I tried taking a photo but my camera only goes down to F 2.7, unless I can find another secret button.

Now if we just get a two day gentle soaker of rain, we'll be all set for summer.

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