Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home again

It is hard to get back blogging again after three weeks not. I hope a few former readers will find me again. We arrived home Sunday afternoon. Andrei and Tanya met us at the airport and Lena and Roman had supper waiting when we got to the house. First stop was to pick up Masha of course. She and Babushka were very glad to see each other, needless to say. Bobik and Volk were glad to see me, too. Kuchma was rather indiffferent to it all as he was out of cat food for a day and unhappy about it.

Yesterday we mostly slept, did laundry and went for groceries. A mouse would have starved in our pantry. Today Tanya and Lena are planting fall flowers and next year's garlic crop. It is +26 outside but the forecast is for a week of rain. It is that time of year.

So I am back in the land of manual transmissions and potholed roads. Hard to tell which smells worse - the January presidential election for which campaigning is well underway or the freshly manured garden across the road from our house.

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