Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Day

Tanya was talking to Masha yesterday on the phone.
"Please give the phone to your mother; I need to ask her something."
"Ask me."
"No, I need to talk to your mother. You won't know the answer."
"Ask me. I can try."
Her mother takes the phone, Masha bursts into tears because her beloved Babushka won't ask her whatever question. Kids.

Oh, by the way, Tanya, Masha's mom, can wear Masha's clothes. The white dress and the winter coat that we bought her both "fit" Tanya. Her arms stick way out of the sleeves and of course they are too short but the body fits. Masha is a very slender six year old. I guess that means Tanya is a VERY slender 32 year old.

When they were out for their run today, one of my dogs stole one of my Tanya's good running shoes . I thought the dogs were over stealing shoes as it had not happened for a year. They don't steal them to chew, just to carry until they get bored and we have to look for it. Took a while but we found it. Saved two lives. Mine and likely Volk's.


  1. I've decided to hate Tanya, Masha's Mom.

    Masha is too cute.

  2. Dog's love toys, at any age. And anything that interests them becomes a toy. Like the huge number of bark chips we have scattered "strategically" around our yard. Sigh!


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