Friday, October 16, 2009

Elevated Status

Yesterday we went to the post office to collect Tanya's second shipment of flowers (100 crocus bulbs and a few other bulbs in need of fall planting). We drove the worst 2 km only to find the road blocked by a trenching crew repairing water lines and had to retrace our route. The alternate route proved even worse. As in horse or mule track worse. So once we had the package, we headed across country on the backroads to P'yatikhatki where we stopped for tea at our friends Valya and Volodya.

Got another update on the elevator ownership scandal. Seems the owner friend of Tanya's was less than honest herself when the elevator was privatized. Instead of shares going to employees, they went to her son instead or something like that. Anyhow her face is on a wanted poster issued by the P'yatikhatki authorities and she, having skimmed some $20 million in profits by over charging farmers for storage among other things, is reportedly on the lam in Greece.

Which explains why Tanya had little sympathy for her from the beginning. Isn't it fun?

1 comment:

  1. Such a strange system. Such a corrupt system.

    It's a wonder than anything or anyone survives. Or maybe that's the point of the process -- inadvertently.

    I think Stephen Harper has been taking lessons -- that's maybe his vision for a new Canada.


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